Scrumptious is a spin-off of the MSF for Agile process template (for now), augmenting it with the scrum methodology. The key differentiator from other process templates built for scrum is that this one focuses on software development, not the methodology. As we view it, scrum should help manage the project, not dictate how requirements are tracked and managed.

What is Scrumptious?

As mentioned before, Scrumptious currently consists of a process template based on MSF for Agile. Over time, this will hopefully scale up and out. As we dig into it, we'll let the community drive this growth.

For an in-depth explanation of the project, we suggest you check out the documentation we have available. This section is still somewhat new and will eventually be the home of all product and program management documentation available on this site.

Why Scrumptious?

We can all talk for hours on why we choose to implement the practices we do in our projects. This isn't the place for such a discussion. Our goal is to bring together proven practices around requirements management within an agile environment. With that, flexibility is key. We acknowledge that requirements and traceability may not be as important to some teams as others, but that's why we have choice, isn't it? While we'd like to provide as flexible of an environment as possible, we can't (and won't force the project to) fit everyone's needs.

Who is Scrumptious Targeted At?

Initially, Scrumptious will consist of an agile process template augmented with key scrum concepts. With that, we'd like to be able to directly target everyone who's interested in managing their agile development project with scrum. Of course, this may not be appropriate and we understand that. Help us broaden and/or narrow the scope as necessary.

Also note that, over time, we will most likely add additional process templates to meet other needs regarding managing your project with Team Foundation Server (TFS). This may include a CMMI process template augmented with scrum. Given enough interest, we can even branch off multiple agile, CMMI, or custom templates to meet people's needs. Flexibility is the key. As long as flexibility doesn't sacrifice usability and management (among others), the sky's the limit.

When Will Scrumptious Do [Insert Feature Here]?

The first two releases were somewhat simplistic. 0.1 added the bare minimum as far as scrum is concerned; however, it left much to be desired. With 0.2, we broadened support for stronger project and requirements management stories, which is very important to us. Release 0.3 will continue along these lines and hopefully produce what most will consider a worthwhile investment for their software projects by adding reporting on top of the key concepts we've built up. Beyond this, we have a slew of other features we'd like to get added. We try to keep our change log up-to-date, so that's the best place to go for the status of the in progress and/or any future releases. If there's something you want that we're not accounting for or would like to stress what you think is most important, let us know in the discussion board and/or issue tracker.

Who Can Participate?

You. We welcome and encourage anyone to participate within the Scrumptious community in hopes that together we can make it better for everyone. If you would like to be a part of the Scrumptious team, participate and offer comments, complaints, and suggestions. Any feedback is welcome to make the product better and more useful. Those who provide the most benefit to the community will be welcomed with open arms when the time is right.

Looking into the Future

Just to get this out there, here are a few things we're looking at for the future. We're always looking for more, but if you have any experience in these areas, we'd love to hear from you!

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