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Scrumptious Agile Process

The Scrumptious Agile Process is a tweaked version of MSF for Agile. Our hopes are that experience will drive customization of the process template to make setup and operation of your team projects simpler.

Work Item Tracking

The Scrumptious Agile Process divides work item tracking into three practices: project management (i.e. scheduling, resource management), requirements management, and work management. As mentioned before, the Scrumptious Agile Process' key differentiator from other scrum process templates is the separation of project management from requirements and work management. Due to this, each practice must have well-defined roles and responsibilities to ensure the lines of separation are clear. Scrum concepts are embodied within the project management practice, while the features and capabilities of the system being built are covered by the requirements management practice, and the work ultimately accomplished falls within the work management practice.

Project Management

The project management practice provides insight into and oversight of scheduling and resource management throughout the project and its sprints.
Type Brief Description
Impediment Indicates something that is blocking or stopping work from being completed
Risk Indicates a potential negative impact on the sprint and/or project as a whole
Sprint Iteration within the scrum process

Requirements Management

The primary goal of the requirements management practice is to track and manage requirements throughout the life of the project. Because of the nature of software requirements, the requirements management practice goes well beyond individual sprints and/or the product backlog. This is evidenced when looking at the life of a requirement -- a feature isn't dropped when the sprint ends.
Type Brief Description
Business Rule Core algorithms, rules, or other functionality typically used within multiple scenarios which does not include a standardized workflow
Feature High-level feature consisting of a group of business rules, scenarios, personas, and/or quality of service requirements
Persona Type of user or role used within the system
QoS Requirement Non-functional requirement
Scenario Functional requirement

Work (aka Development) Management

The work management practice, which can also be referred to as the development management practice, is primarily what individual contributors will be concerned with. Project members will be assigned tasks and bugs, which are associated with scenarios, business rules, and/or sprints. This is where the work is accomplished.
Type Brief Description
Bug Code-related development task
Task Aggregation of work items or an administrative action

Work Item Queries

As with work items, work item queries have been grouped by practice. Where appropriate, some work items have been combined into a single query. In most cases, there is an "all" and a "my" query, where the former represents all work items for the project and the latter represents those assigned to the currently logged in user. As with all things, we consider this list a work in progress and welcome your feedback.
Practice Title Description
PM All Sprints List of active sprints
PM All/My Impediments List of unclosed impediments
PM All/My Risks List of unclosed impediments
RM All Features List of high-level features
RM All QoS Reqs List of quality of service requirements
RM All Personas List of personas
RM All Scenarios List of scenarios
RM All Business Rules List of business rules
RM All/My Requirements List of all requirement types
WM All/My Work List of unclosed tasks and bugs
All/My Work Items List of all work items

Version Control


Build Automation


Project Portal




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