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Business Rule Work Item

A business rule represents a sub-set of a functional requirement (i.e. algorithm, rule, or other functionality). Typically, business rules are extracted from scenarios when they are used more than once. If a business rule consists of a standard set of steps that must occur, a scenario should be considered. Some will find it difficult to differentiate between business rules and scenarios.

As an example, consider two scenarios for a shipping application, Estimate Delivery Date and Estimate Shipping Fee. Both scenarios must make use of a common feature which determines the distance between the pick-up and delivery points as well as any pertinent zoning rules. The algorithms used to calculate distance and how that is applied to delivery times and shipping fees can be held within a business rule, which can then be associated with multiple scenarios, as needed, ultimately maximizing on reusability of the shared rules without duplication of documentation and/or effort. Another potential business rule could consist of the zoning rules. Perhaps the best way to determine when to break out a business rule is to use the common three strikes method: the first time you use it, ask if you know or expect that it will be reused; the second time, truly scrutinize to ensure the two uses are completely independent of one another; and, the third time, just do it. In most cases, the second time you revisit a common rule is the time in which it should be extracted; and, you will almost never pass the third time.


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Workflow of a business rule


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