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Implementation Plan



This document outlines the complete implementation plan, consisting of anything and everything to transition the system from one environment to another (i.e. development to testing and testing to production). The intent of this document is to plan, mitigate, and control any risks that are involved with the implementation of the system.

This document should be read and understood prior to transition to any environment (development, testing, or production) by whoever is attempting the implementation. At a minimum, all development, test, and implementation personnel should familiarize themselves with this guide to understand its impact on the release process.



System Prerequisites

Hardware Systems

No additional hardware prerequisites are necessary above and beyond what is required by Team Foundation Server (TFS) and its dependancies.

Software Products

  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server 1.0+


Prepare Release

The Scrumptious installation requires an archive file to be created ahead of time. This file can be created using the following steps.
  1. Browse to the directory where the ProcessTemplate.xml file is located
  2. Select all files and directories, right click, and select Send To Compressed ZIP Folder
  3. Rename the new .zip file to scrumptious-<version>.zip
  4. Create a new or edit an existing release on the Scrumptious project site
  5. Click Add File link
  6. Specify the appropriate release version, type, description, status, visibility, and default settings
  7. Specify a user-friendly file name, browse to the archive file location from step 3, and select the appropriate file type
  8. Click Save button

Installation and Setup


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