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Risk Work Item

A risk represents a potential negative impact on a sprint, group of sprints, or the project as a whole. Risks should not be misconstrued as impediments, despite the fact that they are closely related. Risks are typically identified ahead of time and signify a potential problem. Impediments are identified as they happen and used to track the amount of effort diverted from project in order to resolve them. Additionally, while the work being accomplished is indirectly affected by risks, bugs and tasks are directly impacted by impediments, which can block or even stop work from being performed.

One example of the difference between the two could be a project dependency. Prior to starting project B, a risk is identified based the fact that project B depends on project A's output. If project A's output is not delivered in a timely manner, project B could be delayed and even fail completely. When working thru a sprint, a developer mentions that s/he does not have the required interface documentation necessary to complete his/her work and, low and behold, the person on project A responsible for that is on vacation. The scrum master would document this as an impediment and work with project A to resolve the issue. Once resolved, the impediment is closed; however, the risk is still open until all dependencies have been delivered and/or are no longer appropriate. This is a key differentiator between the two, somewhat related work items.


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Workflow of a risk


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Main view

Mitigation Plan

Mitigation plan



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